i like this.

i like this.


DC’s metro map, Mario-fied.

Will The Onion apologize for its apology?

I am not sure if The Onion’s apology is fake or not. I know there’s a lot of controversy over both the original “C-bomb” tweet and the apology but it wouldn’t shock me to see an apology to the apology…

Dear Readers,

On behalf of The Onion, I offer my personal apology to all readers of The Onion for our apology last week. It was crude and offensive—not to mention inconsistent with The Onion’s commitment to parody and satire, however seemingly apologetic.

No person should be subjected to such a senseless, humorless comment masquerading as an apology.

The apology was taken down within a week of publication. We have instituted new and tighter apology procedures to ensure that this kind of mistake does not occur again.

In addition, we are taking immediate steps to discipline those individuals responsible.

Onion Readers, you are snarky and sarcastic and deserve better. All of us at The Onion are deeply sorry.


Steve Hannah
The Onion